About Us

ERePlica is a team of individuals with expertise who care. Technical Expertise. Business Management Expertise. But more. Individuals who care about doing things right. Delivering not just an ERP system.
But promised business benefits. On time. On budget. Ongoing.

Meet Our Team

Chris McWhirr

Sales Director

As our Sales Director, Chris is responsible for introducing and discussing with prospective clients the benefits of ERP and ERePlica and ensuring alignment of what ERePlica offers with our client’s expectations. Chris has 10 years+ experience in sales and account management experience for Telecoms and Cloud software solutions.

Iain Goldmann

Managing Director

LLB(Hons), M.Comm (Advanced Accounting), MBA (Cambridge), AKC, MIoD
Iain is focussed on the implementation, change management and adoption of Netsuite, Odoo and cloud business management tools. Iain has 16 years of UK and international experience transforming and growing business utilising all in one business management principles. The business benefits of the world's leading ERP systems. On time. On budget. Delivered.

Guy Hodges

Data visualisation practice

Guy is ERePlica's expert in the development of Excel applications and data visualisation. Guy counts on more than twenty years experience developing Excel tools that encompass report automisation, data visualisation, statistical-financial analysis, and VBA programming — ingenious yet practical business solutions for an ever more complex world.

Antoine Chanliaud

Technical lead

Antoine is our technical lead on Adapative Insights based solutions. With deep experience on Adapative Insights as well as Netsuite, Antoine is part of ERePlica’s team for delivering world class all in one business management outcomes.

Kamal Sarma

Leadership and ERP People Alignment

ERePlica has combined with Kamal and Rezilium methodologies to ensure that when an ERePlica all in one business management/ERP solution is implemented and delivered, people are aligned so that promised business benefits, not just a technical solution is delivered. ERePlica also works with organisations that have existing ERP systems that are not delivering their business promise. Kamal is one of the world’s leading experts on resilience and human connection. Kamal has had a unique background, training as a monk for six years in India, as well as pursuing a corporate career including senior executive positions in McKinsey & Company, Eli Lilly and AMP Capital Investors.

Darius Martinkus

Odoo Technical Director

Software developer mainly working and developing with open source platforms like CMS Drupal and ERP Odoo