Our Goal is simple

We believe in Opportunity. And being part of a business that makes our mothers proud. It's that simple.

Iain Goldmann Founder

After 2 decades working in very complex business management systems with major Enterprise as well as rapid growth SME, one thing has become clear to me. Business management is too complex. Complexity is a major obstacle to growth. Too much time is spent by good staff asking and responding to each other’s queries. So remove the silos. Give simple visibility. Open up the critical yet hidden excel spreadsheet sitting on one person’s PC. Don’t run budgets on complex interlocking excel spreadsheets that can be amended and where changes get lost. Provide dashboards and KPIs. Automate manual spreadsheets. So good staff at all levels can focus on the job. Improving and growing your business.

Join up the dots.

These principles apply as much to a small company as a large one. In some ways more so. A small company often has less margin, less room for error and needs to be highly efficient. ERePlica’s approach is to assist our client’s simplify their business management. The more we can simplify, the better. Complex ERP systems are now available at a fraction of the price of a few years ago. Improved internet connectivity makes these systems accessible to all.
We believe utilising ERP systems well is now a key enabler of competitive advantage. We utilise ERP systems to make things simple for you. We are ERePlica.

Our Approach

Clear outcome. We assist businesses simplify their business management, creating a platform for growth

  • Step 1. Initial conversation

  • Step 2. ERePlica Proof Point

    • You choose one specific, existing business management issue. One gap. ERePlica will provide you with detail on how we would solve it, using all in one business management solutions.
    • A few examples we have scoped and then delivered:
      • Cash collections. Cash not coming in the way expected. Need to look all the way back through operations/orders and then collect cash quicker. And know at a glance where and why gaps exist. And close them.
      • Operations. Gaps between orders, customers, finance.
      • Heavily manual excel spreadsheets being used for critical reporting (warehousing/inventory management/sales).
      • Overly complex CRM system which does not tie into website or email marketing campaigns nor to sales order outcomes then cash in bank.
      • Overly complex CRM. Complex yet lacking proper individualised and team graphical dashboards and KPIs (just lists of names).
      • Manual excel based Finance planning, forecasting and analysis process. Changes hard to track. Time consuming and manual to modify budgets as actuals occur.
      • Manual service case management disconnected from orders/customers/warehouse/invoices.
  • Step 3. ERePlica 7 step rollout methodology for ERP design, implementation and adoption

    • ERePlica follows a 7 step rollout methodology. When it absolutely has to be done right. Delivering expected business outcomes not only a technical solution. On time. On budget.
  • Step 4. ERePlica Adoption and Service charter

    • Ongoing service management and regular account reviews
    • Long term partnerships with all our clients
    • Constant striving to assist our clients businesses become less complex. And this starts from ERePlica delivering unparalleled service itself.

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