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ereplica - Sales to cash in bank

Sales to cash in bank

There is often a gap between what sales guys say then have sold and cash in the bank. Even with a CRM system showing ‘Won’ deals, this often does not link in and show you the actual cash outcomes of sales. We allow you to integrate so that your sales team’s targets, commissions and performance can be measured off the cash impacts for your business of their activity.

ereplica - Cash Flow forecasting

Cash Flow forecasting

Excel-based annual cash flow is usually designed as an add-on to the annual P&L and Balance Sheet. Through the year it is difficult to integrate actual results and actual cash balances to the model so it become out-of date. And normally only starts after a customer has been invoiced which is too late a point for accurate cash flow forecasting. ERePlica can integrate all your financial information so the cash flow automatically updates and balances with each new month’s actual data. ERePlica can create an automated cash flow model back through your order and sales pipeline rather than just starting from when customer’s are invoiced.

Demand Planning

Adding a % to last year’s sales for next years forecast is no longer sufficient. But it is difficult to do otherwise. We use our tools and models to show you how.

ereplica planning

Revenue recognition

Managing Revenue Recognition is difficult. There may be subscriptions and recurring sales which require spreading revenue over contract life. Foreign currency sales add to the complexity. We can replace multiple spreadsheets with a single schedule with a small number of inputs that logically drives revenue recognition.

ereplica revenue

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