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CRM Enabled Telephony

  • Automatic call logging of calls in your CRM against the relevant customer including to and from business mobiles
  • Whether a customer calls your landline or your mobile they will get through to your mobile and there is only one voice mail to check – never miss a call again
  • Hunt group around your business phones including mobiles – never miss a call again
  • Call recording

ereplica reporting

Employee Activity Management including remote workers

  • Talktime/Inbound and outbound including business calls on business mobiles
  • Integration of CRM and resulting Orders to Employee call activity
  • Improve efficiency of mobile workers. Geographic display of customer location near to mobile workers

Simplified Telecoms Analysis

Telecoms reporting

  • Tie employee call activity to business outcomes (sales and service).
  • Wallboard, KPI and Dashboard calls and your business outcome KPIs, combined
  • Drive Telecoms cost out of your business
    • Alerts of contract end dates 2 months in advance
    • Alerts of spends above set limits
    • Alerts of out of plan usage
    • Alerts of low usage
    • Alerts of Telcom bill alterations by month on month automated comparison
  • Simplifed Telecoms bills
  • Customer relevant alerts from call patterns: eg multiple calls from one customer in short space of time indicating outstanding issues

BT Telecoms Products Available Now

If you are interested in any of the BT products / services below we can help

  • BT Broadband
  • BT Fibre Broadband
  • BT Calling Packages
  • BTNET Leased Lines
  • Avaya / Mitel Telephone Systems
  • VOIP Phone Systems (BT Cloud Voice and BT Cloud Phone)
  • Mobile Phones
  • BT Lines / Analogue / ISN2e / ISDN30

BT Telecoms

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